The Alliance for Responsible Forest Management (ARFM) are pleased to announce Dr Cesar Sabogal has joined the ARFM Executive Board. Dr Sabogal brings over 35 years of international professional experience in research, development, educational and training activities on various thematic areas, including forest resource assessment, multiple-use management of primary and secondary forests, forest concessions, community and smallholder forest management, silvicultural practices, forest rehabilitation, forest and landscape restoration, forest monitoring and auditing, and forest policy and legislation. In addition to authoring and publishing over 140 articles, books, chapters, manuals, technical guidelines and policy briefs, Dr Sabogal has consulted for several international organisations such as GTZ, ITTO, the World Bank, USAID/USFS, FAO, CIFOR-GLF, Jaakko Pöyry, ODI, Intercooperation/ Helvetas, IUFRO, Swiss Development Cooperation, Winrock International, the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation. Dr Sabogal obtained his PhD in Forest Sciences from the University of Gottingen in Germany and is fluent in English, German and Portuguese.

For information, please get in touch with us here.