The Alliance for Responsible Forest Management (ARFM is a new international not-for-profit non-governmental organisation with the goal to accelerate the implementation of responsible forest management across the tropical world. The aim is to accelerate the implementation of responsible forest management across the tropical world by applying over 30 years of peer-reviewed research and applied knowledge to create regionally-appropriate best practice manuals, complemented by regional training centres to train practitioners, Certification Bodies, auditors, government agencies and private sector on best management practices in responsible forestry and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere from the forest sector.

As you are likely aware, Global forests are critical to the Earth’s environmental health and deforestation will continue if action is not taken. The number of countries in support of forestry protection is growing and as forest certification is increasing globally, yet 85% of commercial tropical forests are not employing responsible forest management standards. All reasonable efforts should be undertaken to raise awareness and seek the active support of all stakeholders, and develop the necessary capacity for the implementation of responsible forest management through a comprehensive human resource development programme. This programme aims to deliver a significant contribution to remove the current barriers of practicing responsible forest management and offer long-term capacity building, education and data, which will support the management of commercial tropical forest concessions for generations to come.

Respectfully, we would like to invite you to discuss how your organisation can support the formation and development of ARFM in Africa. The webinar will take place on 26 April 2022 from 12.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs GMT.