Defining Best Practice

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Defining Best Practices

Best Practice Materials

The ARFM aims to integrate previous work into a series of regionally specific best-practice materials addressing core elements of forest sustainability. Wherever possible, the documents shall incorporate quantifiable research metrics to integrate statistical analyses and gap identification, enabling a constant improvement of practices over-time. All materials will be translated into in major languages used in each region and in the field, i.e., Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish. Manuals shall be updated every 5 years to incorporate changes in policies, regulatory framework, technologies, and practices to ensure they effectively quantify indicators to analyse best management practices and are supportive to users.

Defining Best Practices

On-Site Training

The ARFM shall offer objective and structured technical training for managers, practitioners, Certification Bodies (CBs), and forest auditors. Training will consist of both theory and practical components, with theoretical aspects administered through either virtual or in-person participation, and practical in the field. Training and outreach will be administered on-site at a specific forest area, when a licensee requests ARFM to travel to their concession to provide licensee-specific training; and, at a Regional Headquarters and Regional Training Centre, where ARFM will coordinate ~20 participants at a time to learn from each other in a formal, international setting.

Training modules

As operational staff tend not to stay in one organisation for long periods of time, it is important for organisations to implement continuous training to ensure best practice.  Participants completing one or more specific training module(s) will receive a certificate of completion valid for three (3) years.

It is recommended for participants to refresh their certificate to keep abreast with new developments in best management practices and the revisions of the best practice material over time.

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