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  • Promote the implementation of regional-specific best practice material based on over 30 years of peer-reviewed research and applied knowledge in tropical forest management.

  • Foster holistic, continuous, and responsible forest management on the ground by capturing proven, localised best practice approaches for all types and scales of commercial forestry.

  • Provide forestry education to the private, civil, and public sectors, which includes multidisciplinary topics and holistic management of forests, including sustainable yield, forest restoration and conservation, community forestry and rights-based approaches, and forest management at the landscape level.

  • Support continuing education and extension training to practitioners, Certification Bodies, auditors, government agencies and private sector forest organisations, including upper management and Directorship.

  • Nurture stakeholder engagement and partnerships through the dissemination of information, facilitating networking and fostering collaborative action amongst stakeholders and communities.


  • Support international environmental Conventions, Agreements, and commitments through education and training, including the recent decisions at COP 26 to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030, and safeguard biological diversity in tropical forests.  

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